3D laser scanner surveys

3D laser scanner surveys

We illustrate places and buildings with latest-generation technology.
The laser scanner is used for threedimensional surveys of artistically and architecturally valuable spaces,
as well as artificial recesses (abandoned mines) that must be documented and explored virtually.
These operations are carried out in collaboration with PiScan.

We recommend viewing in full screen, activated by clicking on the icon on the right side of the progress bar of each video while played.

Gorno Mines(BG)

Castle of Lodi (LO)

Linea Cadorna – Cannoniere Monte Morissolo, Cannero Riviera (VB)

Mother quarry of Milan Cathedral – Candoglia – Mergozzo (VCO)

Saint Trinity Sanctuary, Casnigo (BG)

Soapstone quarries, trone, Piuro (SO)

Giovello, uderground of a Church in Valmalenco – Sondrio

Piuro, landslide 1618 – Sondrio